Thursday, August 23, 2007

Relaxing Zanzibar

Relaxing, reading and just being lazy was what we were doing in Zanzibar. We had a great time with warm sunshine, white sandy beaches, blue skies and turquoise water. I can't believe that we have soon been back for 2 weeks!
I took lots of photos and you can check a few of them out here:

We also went swimming with Dolphins and it was a great experience. We went out with a boat early one morning so we managed to beat the crowds. We snorkeled and came with in touching distance from them. You just swim around and they come and check you out!

We are otherwise busy with our move* and have started to pack our things in to boxes (again). We will hopefully not have to do that again for a while after this move. We have also started to get back in to our running again...

My cousin Tom and one of his friends is coming down to Cape Town for a month in September-October to gain some international work experience. It is part of their training program at secondary school/collage/high school. I hope they will enjoy it and that we are able to take care of them ;-) I guess we will be speaking more Swedish at home that usual.

*We have also been busy watching too many episodes of 24! "Jack", we want our lives back! ;-)

Saturday, August 4, 2007