Friday, September 28, 2007

The weekend they arrived

Last weekend was great!
Nothing beats old friends company, good food and a glass of wine or two. I and a couple of others (no names mentioned ;-) probably also had too many glasses of wine, if there is such a thing. Things never got out of hand, and I felt fine on Saturday morning, until I moved!
But things slowly improved even if it was a very "quiet" group that did the wine tasting tour in and around Slanghoek outside Worcester.


The golf, on Worcester GC, on Sunday was won by the Knysna boys (Dewald and Pete) who had practiced a lot before this event.

I think we should also keep the golf as well as the general get together as yearly tradition! I am already looking forward to next year, but without the headache.

My cousin Tom and his school-friend Alexander, arrived on Sunday. We picked them up on Monday after they had stayed a night at the Big Blue Backpackers in Cape Town. (Monday was a Public Holiday in SA)

Tom and Alex started their work practice at Scentpac ( on Tuesday. It will be interesting for them to work in a South African factory. The staff is almost 100%
female with only 2 guys working there. It is now 50% more men at the factory. I think Tom and Alex have already received a few proposals of marriage from women who wants to escape to Sweden! :-)

This weekend we are going to visit Table Mountain if the weather is
nice and also go to Onrus ( (it is outside Hermanus)) and I hope we will be able to spot some whales. It is whale season at the moment here in SA so the chance is big.

Tom and Alex want to go shark diving but I don't know if there will be time for that this weekend... I will stay on land and have no desire to get up close with the sharks.

We will also try to squeeze in another braai or two!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The BIG weekend starts here!

It is a public holiday in South Africa on Monday and I have taken Friday off!

We are going to the Worcester and are meeting up with the "South African London crowd": Sean and Lauren, Peter and Janet and Briget and Dewald plus all the children! (The children has arrived after the return to SA from London.) We will also miss all the guys who are still in the UK and who cant make it. FYI: We will concentrate our schedule on golf, braai, wine tasting/drinking and just being lazy together with our friends! Fantastic!

My cousin, Tom, is also arriving to Cape Town this weekend. He and his school friend Alexander is coming down to do their 3 week international work practice here. It will be an adventure for them but also for Rene and I since they are staying with us in our new house. Hope they will like it!

We also hope that the water will be back on soon! There was/is a water leak on our street so they have turned off the water for the whole block. You kind of start noticing the importance of water when you don't have any. Hope they will fix it today.

The big 30!

Went to Martin's 30th party last weekend! (Happy birthday Martin!!!)
We had a great time and my hangover was non existent the next day! Brilliant!
Martin's Birthday Party

Poor Rene had to be up early, early (like 5ish in the morning) the next day to help at the Cape Town marathon. NO running involved!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Very moving!

It is done!
We have now moved in to our new house. The move went well with help from some farm-workers from Joggies farm that we hired for a couple of hours. Having access to a big truck (also from the farm) also helped. We started early and by 10.30 everything was in our new house! There are still things to do and unpack and it is more obvious now in the house, than in the flat, that we almost don't have any furniture. We do need to get some sofas and also a TV. Perhaps a TV like this one? With no IKEA around the corner we have to wait about 6 weeks for a sofa.
We have also done some DIY (do-it-yourself) and mostly painting. I started by pouring paint all over my self, before I even had painted anything! [photo]
However, things are looking better now and the nice thing with painting is that it is very rewarding. It is only two bead rooms that needs to be done now, the rest can wait. Having a house also makes it allowed to by power tools! ;-)

I also want to say "Happy Birthday" to my lovely wife Rene!
We went out for dinner on Saturday (her birthday) and I managed to surprise her by inviting Rene's family too. Instead of just being the two of us we were 8. We went to the restaurant SALT in Cape Town. Nice venue with good food. The only "blip" on the menu was probably the pickled herring starter. It was far to strong (acidic) and overpowering. Everything else was good or very good. I can recommend a visit.

We are now looking forward to a 30th party on Saturday! More about that later...