Saturday, January 26, 2008

Up to date

A lot of things have been happening since I posted anything of value on this blog so I doubt that anyone is reading anything here!!! (Make a comment and prove me wrong and I will start writing more often. ;-)

Anyway, a quick summary of what we have been up to would be:

Free State, wedding, holiday, Christmas, summer, New Year, Labrador puppy, mom (mamma) and birthdays!

So, we went up to a BIG wedding in the Free State in December. The Free State is vast and flat and consists of mostly farmland with small towns dotted around the countryside, but it was nothing like I had imagined. It was green and lush and also a lot colder than I expected.

The reason for going was that Rene’s cousin Via got married to her (husband) Dani. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome and it was a great party. And when I say it was big I mean BIG: +/- 260 guests.

There is also a tradition in the Free State that is reason enough not to get married (if you are the groom); the grooms speech. This is the usual thank you speech, but with all your friends at the front heckling you and making comments the whole time. I got away lightly at my wedding!

In the Free State

We also met Rene’s father’s family again who were friendly and fantastic hosts!

Christmas, New Year and the summer holiday has come and gone. I think we had a very nice holiday even though we did miss family and friends in Sweden and in the UK. The best thing with celebrating in SA is that we get to celebrate twice; 24 December is celebrated in Sweden and 25 December is the main day in SA. We still only get one set of gifts...

Then on Yew Years Eve my mom (Lena) came to visit us for 3 weeks. It was great to have her here and to show her our new house and spend some time together. We didn’t tour the country but kept it local and went to Worcester and Onrus/Hermanus.

visiting SA

We also got a dog during my moms stay: a Labrador puppy called “Alfie”. The name comes from Alfred or Alfredsson who is a great Swedish ice hockey player in Ottawa Senators. Our good friend Fraser was the one who first suggested the name and we liked it. (Fraser is a huge Ottawa Senators fan). Here are some photos from when we picked him up.

First day
with Alfie

Alfie is very cute and likes to bounce and bite and chew and dig. He is also (sometimes) a brave dog who likes to play with other much bigger dogs, like the Great Danes on the farm in Worcester. He also liked to play with Nala,Craig and Lil’s dog, who is a huge Ridge Back, and a very kind dog.

More of

I/we would also like to say congratulations to James and Jill who have had a baby boy!

Last but not least a big “Happy Birthday” to every one who has recently had their birthday.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy new year!

Lots have happened since I wrote a post last time. So I have a few thing to write about, but some time you just have to do the experience and live your life, rather than just talk about it and plan it on the internet (here ;-) and elsewhere.

Anyway it is now 2008 and I wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

The "things" or stories I was going to write about? They are coming soon together with photos...